Our Team

Station Owners

Rick Douglas

Rick Douglas has been involved with Internet Radio for over 10 years, owning several stations along the way; Good Times Radio Network, Mix88 and now, Classic Hits Canada.  During this time, he has produced ‘live’, prerecorded and voice-tracked shows. Over time, he has amassed a vast digital collection of music in a lot of different genres and looks forward to showcasing this music on Classic Hits Canada.


Garth Oxner

Garth Oxner, aka "The Oxinator", has always loved music and has grown up listening to a variety of radio stations. Garth began online DJing in 2010. Several years later he was asked to do an inspirational show on a community radio station. Soon after this, Garth accepted a position as volunteer Program Manager on an internet Radio Station based in Halifax. Garth Left this station to team up with James Rogers as co-owner of Planet Radio Canada. Following PRC, Garth owned and managed KRN radio, this station later became Classic Radio Halifax. Feeling a need to take a break from the ownership side of radio, Garth closed Classic Radio Halifax. Not long after CRH stopped broadcasting, Garth was asked to present on Spectrum Internet Radio. Garth continues to be an on air host on Spectrum Internet Radio with his flagship show "Forever Celtic", as well as "Classic Rock Monday"; both of these programs will air on Classic Hits Canada as well. Garth is excited to join Sue and Rick in owning Classic Hits Canada.

Sue Thexton

Sue is relatively new to radio broadcasting.  She was introduced to it a couple of years ago by her life partner, Garth Oxner, and has not looked back.
Sue premiered on “Friday Night” with Garth on KRN Radio and has recently presented “Ladies Choice” and co-hosted “Wacky Wednesday’s” on Spectrum Internet Radio.
Never a dull moment when Sue is on the air – she looks forward to entertaining listeners with great music and lots of fun!

Our Team

JB In The Morning

JB in the Morning

Pat - DJ Grumpy

Pat Profile
Involved with music most of his life, Pat started playing musical instruments and singing when he was a pre-teen. To this day, music helps him remain young at heart.
As an over-fed, long haired leaping gnome, and an over 40 victim of fate, Pat enjoys the occasional bottle of wine. Why stop at just one glass?
Pat has worked in project management for over 25 years, and has been married to the same woman for longer than she cares to remember. He says he is not really that grumpy, just surrounded by people that are too damn happy. The name of his show is "Anything Goes" because he plays anything and lots of it!





Wayne was born in Middleton, Nova Scotia and grew up in Central Halifax. Since his early teens, Wayne has been involved in the local music scene. After retiring, Wayne began doing voice overs for a community radio station. This involvement, in radio, led to the Wolf’s Den. At the same time, Wayne has been active as a host, stage manager and MC for many local music festivals. In addition to radio and music, Wayne is involved in mental health and cancer related charities. As well as hosting Wolf’s Den, Wayne also hosts “The Atlantic Indie Project”; a program that showcases original music by rising performers and previously unknown writers/performers. We, at Classic Hits Canada, are excited to have Wayne on our team as host of the “Wolf’s Den”. 

DJ Hunter

DJ Hunter has been in radio since 2012, and he knew from a young age that he was made for this business.  His past and present work has ranged from FM and Internet radio and making DJ mixes.  When he is not on air, he enjoys spending time with Allie, who is his dog you might hear a lot about when you listen to his shows.  He is also an avid music fan, and a college student.   Hunter joins Rick Douglas 'live' every Thursday at 7 pm Eastern for “Collage” on Classic Hits Radio.