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Rick Douglas
Garth Oxner
Rick Douglas has been involved with Internet Radio for over 10 years, owning several stations along the way; Good Times Radio Network, Mix88 and now, Classic Hits Canada. 
During this time, he has produced ‘live’, prerecorded and voice-tracked shows. Over time, he has amassed a vast digital collection of music in a lot of different genres and looks forward to showcasing this music on Classic Hits Canada.
Join Rick for “Today’s Jazz” on Monday at 1:00 pm and Oldies Jukebox” Wednesdays starting at 3 pm Eastern.
Garth Oxner, aka ‘The Oxinator’, has always loved music and has grown up listening to a variety of radio stations. Garth began online DJing in 2010. Several years later he was asked to do an inspirational show on a community radio station. Soon after this, Garth accepted a position as volunteer Program Manager on an internet Radio Station based in Halifax. Garth left this station to team up with James Rogers as co-owner of Planet Radio Canada. Following PRC, Garth owned and managed KRN radio, this station later became Classic Radio Halifax. Feeling a need to take a break from the ownership side of radio, Garth closed Classic Radio Halifax. Not long after CRH stopped broadcasting, Garth was asked to present on Spectrum Internet Radio. Garth continues to be an on air host on Classic Hits Canada with his flagship show “Forever Celtic”, as well as “Garth in the Morning.” Garth is excited to join Rick in owning Classic Hits Canada.


J.B. in the Morning
Mark Hughes
James Rogers
“Playing everything from Aerosmith to ZZ Top and keeping the Classic’s Classic.” 
That’s how JB starts most of his shows.  His humour with those occasional ‘rental lips’ days and his insatiable desire to learn and share the music, the bands, their facts and stories makes for an upbeat, fun and informative “JB In The Morning” show. When he isn’t participating in his favorite pastimes (golf, traveling and video games) he is spending a tremendous amount of time researching, developing and airing his shows.
I’ve been presenting live radio shows for over six years and I’m looking forward to joining the team at Classic Hits Canada!
I’ve been a professional photographer for almost all of my working life. In addition to running photographic studios, I’ve photographed numerous bands, artists and live gigs over the years.
My show, “Rock n Blues By Hughes Show”, features all that’s good and great in the Blues Rock world. There will be artist interviews, pre released tracks, the gig guide and much more, so tune into classichits.ca/ for some great blues rock music.
James Rogers is known in the on-line radio world as ‘The Musicman’. He was dubbed this by Russ Horton, long time DJ, Radio Station owner and good friend. James grew up in Toronto, Canada listening to the best radio station in the world, 1050 CHUM. Since the age of pre-birth he wanted to be a disc jockey. Sitting in the back of the Buick, he’d emulate the on-air jocks and drive his Parents crazy…
Developing a keen ear for music, he continued to dream of someday becoming a DJ…unfortunately that road went untraveled until he met Russ. In 2013, Russ was developing an on-line radio station out of Georgetown, Ontario called ‘D-Moos.com’. He invited James to join and the rest as they say continues with James becoming The Musicman, leaving D-Moos and starting his own station called ‘Planet Radio Canada’.
In 2015, The Musicman retired and moved to the lovely east coast of Canada taking his beloved PRC with him and setting up shop, streaming a most successful on-line station while doing his own live shows…with the help of friends and eventually meeting Garth Oxner, PRC continued to thrive until 2017.
At that time life changed and other adventures took over his life…until now.
The Musicman is back with his “3D Variety Show”, broadcasting live from 6pm – 9pm ET each and every Tuesday evening.
DJ Hunter
DJ Davy G
DJ Howard
DJ Hunter has been in radio since 2012, and he knew from a young age that he was made for this business.  His past and present work has ranged from FM and Internet radio and making DJ mixes. He is also an avid music fan, and a college student.
Hunter shows up each Monday at 7 PM as he showcases the latest new music from the past six months. on a show he calls, “Modern Hype”.
Hunter also joins Rick Douglas ‘live’ every Thursday at 7 pm Eastern for “Collage” on Classic Hits Radio.
From Scotland, I’ve been doing Internet Radio for about 10 years now and just loving it! My day job is caring for people with various disabilities and my pastime is music. So, come join me and my pastime on Fridays for an experience of music from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s on Classic Hits Canada. It’s called “Davy G’s Friday Nights” . You will know you’ve made the right choice!
My name is Howard and I live in Surrey, England. Since retiring as a Chartered Engineer I have spent more time on my hobbies including music, voluntary work, photography and playing golf.
Over the years, music has always played an important part in my life and what better way to further my interest than becoming an internet radio music presenter.
My tastes cover a good mix of music including pop, rock, blues, soul, country and jazz and this is reflected in my show.
I hope you are able to join me for my “DJ Howard’s Monday Mix” show as shown on our website Schedule.
Chad Jackson
Tony Angel
DJ Purple
Chad has a passion for country music and all that it entails, but it ambushed him without him even realizing it.
Music has always been a large part of Chad’s life, but generally he enjoyed the rockier side, however, country music crept into his iPod and he didn’t even know.
A vacation to Canada from the UK, where Chad lives, was all it took to hook him fully and now, if you snapped him in half, it would say “Country” all the way through like a stick of Blackpool rock.
In 2019 Chad was offered the opportunity to have a country radio show on Spectrum Internet radio station. Despite having only 40 country cd’s, (400 songs), he jumped at the chance.
Within a year Chad had won the prestigious ISSA International Radio Station DJ of the Year, Bronze award. This encouraged him even more to push further and wider with his shows, having independent artists at the heart of it.
Now joining the Classic Hits Canada team, he is looking forward to entertaining Canada with his mix of Canadian, American and European country music.
Tony Angel has more than 40 years experience in the radio business, spending most of his early days in Upstate NY working at stations owned by Merv Griffin. Tony believes the music is the star of the show and he’s just there to present it. 
Tony Angel presents the “Class Reunion Oldies Show” every Saturday at 8 PM on Classic Hits Canada.
Purple knew at the age of five, when she used to tape songs off the radio, that she wanted to be a DJ. She later got the opportunity to work at a small station in New York for four years. Purple is often told that her voice has a unique quality that stands out from the crowd. Music has always been her passion, especially music of the 80’s. It was an exciting period of music, and each week Purple will take you back in the time machine to revisit a time where the party never ends. Her other passion besides music; all things purple of course! 
Her show, “Flashback 80’s with Purple”, is heard on Classic Hits Canada every Friday at 10 PM Eastern.
Mike Bollea
Gordon Heffler
Sue Thexton
Mike Bollea’s Jukebox Party is syndicated on many AM, FM and Internet stations around the world with listening audiences of over 100,000 listeners.  This show, “Mike Bollea’s Jukebox Party” presents some of the “Greatest Hits” and “Rare Gems” of the 50’s – early 60’s. Plus features like, “Songs That Should Have Made It, But No One Played It” – “Fabulous Flips” – “Before They Were Hits” – “Keeping The Blues Alive”. With over 50,000 Oldies, “You Just Never Know What You’re Going To Hear Next” Thanks for listening and Enjoy…..  You can reach out to me at discjockeymike@verizon.net. Mike Bollea’s Jukebox Party airs at 6pm ET on Classic Hits Canada.
Gordon Heffler is the host of the 2-hour weekly program “Look For A Star” which has been airing on various radio stations and internet stations since 1998 and is now heard here on Classic Hits Canada. He started in radio broadcasting setting up his own pirate radio station while still in High School in 1964 and has been involved behind the scenes as a Broadcast Technician for a number of Nova Scotia based Community stations since 1992. He has always followed the Billboard and CHUM charts in pop music throughout his lifetime and has a home music library of over 53,000 selections of music from the 40’s to 1999. He has served as both Engineer at CHUM Halifax as well as technical support and consultant for over half a dozen Community stations. As a Broadcaster, his “Star” program is produced in his home studio weekly and features either an artist, a genre, a year or a decade in music along with biographical information as well as his personal experiences with the music over the years. “Look For A Star” is heard here on Classic Hits Canada every Sunday from 7pm to 9pm Eastern. 
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